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Curtains Vs Blinds: Which Are Best?

If you’re redecorating a room, one thing you will want to contemplate more deeply is the window area. There are a lot of options here, more so than twenty or so years ago. One choice you are going to have to make is between the type of window treatment, often whether you go for curtains or blinds.

Both curtains and blinds have their own pros and cons but a lot will come down to your personal preference and what you want to achieve. Here’s our quick guide to making the best choice:

Defining The Look You Want

Defining The Look You Want

We find people have preconceived ideas about blinds and curtains. Many think that curtains are more traditional and elegant. Blinds, on the other hand, can seem modern and stylish. Neither is exactly true, especially with the wealth of different designs available nowadays.

Curtains do give you the opportunity to have a more layered effect, especially if you include a net or voile curtain. They can also add depth and impact as well as provide significant insulation during the winter.

Blinds, however, have really developed over the last couple of decades. They come in a range of different designs and are made from a host of different materials. The truth is that blinds are no longer just a choice for bathrooms or kitchens but can really create exceptional spaces for any room in the home. They are increasingly seen less as functional and more as decorative.

The Cost of Curtains and Blinds

The Cost of Curtains and Blinds

Blinds are seen as the cheaper option and this can often be the case. A lot depends on what quality you are going for, however. The difference between bespoke blinds and made to measure curtains can be less than you think. Blinds also now come with tech improvements, enabling you to operate them remotely via a smartphone.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of Cleaning

Blinds are generally easier to clean than curtains which should be taken to the dry cleaners rather than washed at home. Most blinds are easily dusted but there are some made from fabric that needs more care and attention than normal. In areas like the kitchen or bathroom, where there is a lot of moisture or grease in the air, blinds are normally the best option because, on the whole, they are easier to maintain.

Light and Privacy

Light and Privacy

This can be a difficult one to gauge. You may have a living room where you want to completely block out the light from the street outside. Perhaps you want as much privacy as possible. Curtains with a good lining certainly provide this but so do many blinds, as long as they are fitted properly. You can even get blinds that have blackout fabrics incorporated into their design.

You can adjust your blinds by lifting them just a little or all the way to the top, which makes them a little more flexible than curtains. Alternatively, if you have slats, you can open these to change the lighting. If you have curtains you have the option to introduce a net or voile to cut down the impact of light from the direct sun, especially in areas like the living room where you may want to reduce the glare.

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