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We don’t just pride ourselves with satisfied customers, we love seeing a good quality finished interior job. Here are just a few of our local projects…

Portfolio Curtains 25
Portfolio Blinds 6
Portfolio Blinds New26
Portfolio Blinds 21
Portfolio Flooring 1
Portfolio Misc 8
Portfolio Blinds New23
Portfolio Blinds 17
Portfolio Curtains 16
Portfolio Curtains New12
Portfolio Misc 2
Portfolio Awnings 9
Portfolio Shutter 6
Portfolio Shutter 10
Portfolio Blinds New20
Portfolio Blinds New9
Portfolio Blinds 13
Portfolio Curtains New14
Portfolio Flooring 5
Portfolio Blinds New13
Portfolio Curtains 30
Portfolio Curtains New19
Portfolio Blinds 12
Portfolio Curtains 11
Portfolio Curtains 24
Portfolio Curtains New10
Portfolio Awnings 8
Portfolio Blinds 9
Portfolio Misc 6
Portfolio Blinds New19
Portfolio Blinds New11
Portfolio Curtains New6
Portfolio Blinds New28
Portfolio Curtains New25
Portfolio Blinds New6
Portfolio Curtains New23
Portfolio Blinds 15
Portfolio Awnings 12
Portfolio Curtains 17
Portfolio Blinds New14
Portfolio Awnings 6
Portfolio Curtains 18
Portfolio Awnings 1
Portfolio Awnings 10
Portfolio Blinds 5
Portfolio Shutter New2
Portfolio Curtains 29
Portfolio Curtains New27
Portfolio Curtains New5
Portfolio Flooring 7
Portfolio Curtains New24
Portfolio Curtains 15
Portfolio Shutter 4
Portfolio Shutter New1
Portfolio Blinds 11
Portfolio Curtains 20
Portfolio Curtains 23
Portfolio Curtains New4
Portfolio Awnings 3
Portfolio Flooring 10
Portfolio Flooring 4
Portfolio Curtains New1
Portfolio Curtains New13
Portfolio Blinds New2
Portfolio Blinds New25
Portfolio Blinds 20
Portfolio Awnings 2
Portfolio Blinds New16
Portfolio Blinds New17
Portfolio Blinds 19
Portfolio Shutter 9
Portfolio Curtains 26
Portfolio Blinds 8
Portfolio Blinds New24
Portfolio Blinds 4
Portfolio Curtains New21
Portfolio Blinds New18
Portfolio Curtains 28
Portfolio Curtains New9
Portfolio Shutter 8
Portfolio Misc 9
Portfolio Shutter 5
Portfolio Curtains New3
Portfolio Awnings 5
Portfolio Curtains New11
Portfolio Curtains New20
Portfolio Curtains New18
Portfolio Curtains New22
Portfolio Awnings 4
Portfolio Curtains 19
Portfolio Blinds New5
Portfolio Blinds New7
Portfolio Blinds New22
Portfolio Shutter 1
Portfolio Blinds New10
Portfolio Curtains 14
Portfolio Curtains New2
Portfolio Blinds 16
Portfolio Awnings 7
Portfolio Blinds 10
Portfolio Blinds 7
Portfolio Curtains 21
Portfolio Blinds New12
Portfolio Misc 10
Portfolio Blinds New4
Portfolio Shutter 3
Portfolio Blinds New8
Portfolio Blinds New27
Portfolio Awnings 11
Portfolio Misc 1
Portfolio Shutter New3
Portfolio Flooring 8
Portfolio Curtains New26
Portfolio Blinds New3
Portfolio Blinds New15
Portfolio Curtains 13
Portfolio Misc 5
Portfolio Shutter 2
Portfolio Flooring 2
Portfolio Flooring 9
Portfolio Blinds New1
Portfolio Curtains New7
Portfolio Blinds 18
Portfolio Misc 7
Portfolio Shutter 7
Portfolio Curtains New8
Portfolio Curtains New15
Portfolio Blinds New21
Portfolio Curtains New17
Portfolio Flooring 3
Portfolio Curtains New16
  • Brilliant service, friendly and professional.

    Hannah Taylor, Client

  • Time is a wonderful thing. My 95 year old mother had all her blinds and curtains fitted by Goldmans, "about 10 years ago." In reality, this means closer to 20 years ago. But such was the service offered by Goldman in those days it lives long in Mum's memory. Time moves on but the quality of service offered by Goldmans doesn't change. Stuart came out to fix one of Mum's blinds and knew exactly how to put Mum at her ease. Job done to perfection. Yesterday Mum was still raving about how nice he was and gave us chapter and verse about how the company started.

    Mr MV, Client

  • Super service and very efficient installation of my blinds and am thrilled with the awning. I will be using you again.

    Alyson Tohmm, Client

  • Great service all the way through the process from choosing through to fitting. Have already recommended and will be back soon. Thanks to the team!

    Dan Farthing, Client

  • Am very pleased with Goldmans’ workmanship and quality. Pleasant and very good service from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone

    Mrs Robinson, Calne

  • I admit to making a mistake with my previous curtains and blinds for my bedroom which I ordered on line and got my son to fit. That was 9 months ago and shortly after that I visited my friend Diane who had Goldmans do 3 rooms. The difference in quality was obvious to see, with hidden stitching and much better linings. They looked so much better than mine. Lesson learned, I have just had my 2 lounge curtains and a roman blind done by Goldmans. A fantastic experience and fabulous finish, what a difference. Many thanks Goldmans.

    Mrs Lesley J, client

  • Very, very pleased with professional standard of work on curtains in my apartment

    Mrs Brown, Client

  • I just wanted to say how thrilled I was the my curtains and blind. The curtains look beautiful and are so carefully made. The blind is a perfect fit. We are so grateful for the excellent service, indeed we used Goldmans to fit our upstairs blinds too. Super service and an attention to detail. Many thanks.

    Sue Eaton, Client

  • I chose Goldmans on their great local reputation and I am delighted with my new window dressings.

    Mrs EJW, Derry Hill, Client

  • We have had an excellent customer experience with Goldmans. Even before we moved into our new David Wilson Home, Richard and his team were happy to go along and measure-up the windows in the house. The team in the showroom were very welcoming and supportive in helping us choose our curtains and blinds from their wide range of materials and styles. With so much to select from it could have been a daunting task, but thankfully the team were there to provide their sound expertise. Goldmans were happy to carry out the installation around our schedule, and were thorough in their workmanship and quality approach. They also provided advice on how to maintain and clean the curtains and blinds installed. As a local business, supporting customers in Wiltshire, their aftercare and support with us has been very good indeed. We would thoroughly recommend Goldmans to anybody wanting a local, supportive and highly professional service

    Geoff & Pauline Meynell

  • Just like to say a big thank you to Goldmans Interiors for my curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds. They did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them. Thank you again.

    Pauline Hayward, Client

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